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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news at noon. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. in just hours, the anne arundel county council will decide who replaces john leopold. jennifer franciotti has the latest in the race. >> a forum thursday night
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revealed several candidates looking to replace disgraced executive john leopold. leopold resigned this month after being found guilty of misconduct for the way he treated employees and used police detail. he still faces a civil suit for harassment. >> it is significant that we have a woman in this race. the activities that have gone on were embarrassing. >> former first lady kendel ehrlich is one of 16 republicans who want to fill the remainder of leopold's term, which ends in 2014. her competition includes delicate steven schuh and acting county executive john hammond. >> has been difficult in many ways, but i have come to the conclusion that i think i can bring the leadership to anne arundel county that it deserves. it is time to move the county forward. >> as for steven schuh, the businessman says he respects the competition but believes that
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his resume is strong. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police say a former johns hopkins gynecologist use spy equipment to photograph his patients. according to investigators, dr. nikita levy used a pen camera and other devices to take pictures of patients without their knowledge. authorities found more than half a dozen observers felt with pictures and videos. hundreds of potential victims have come forward and a hot line has been set up to take more calls. levy took his own life days after he was fired over the allegations. lowell melser talk to one of the patients over the ordeal could he which he had to say tonight at 5:00 and 6:00 -- hear what she had to say tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. state officials confirm that city police department did not have permission to use an owings mills facility for police training. that is where the university of maryland police trainee was shot and critically wounded by an
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instructor during a training exercise. that instructor made on medical leave this afternoon anthony batts calls the incident a major procedural breakdown. in the "session 2013 report," a senate committee is expected to vote on a bill today to finish it though the death penalty. the bill would be one step closer to passage. gov. martin o'malley urged the committee added house and senate to support his efforts to take the death penalty off the books. maryland currently has five prisoners on death row. >> kind of a blustery day to day. like yesterday. enough sunshine to keep us happy. the winds are aggravating that, and there is a big storm in the central part of the country, at least it could be for them. as far as we are concerned, it looks like more of rainmaker
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than a snowmaker. we will have to keep a close eye on this thing. we will look at how that affects as in the next 24 to the six hours coming up and a bit. >> sounds good. we are getting a closer look at the scene of a deadly fire in prince george's county this morning. firefighters pulled a man and three young girls from a burning home at the 8600 block of leslie ave. officials said that none of the four were breathing. a man and two of the girls were pronounced dead, but officials were able to resuscitate one child. another woman and child is due to the fire with minor injuries. major cleanup underway in elkton, where a csx train derailed overnight. cecil county firefighters were called to blue ball road just after 11:30. sky team 11 was over the scene this morning. 10 cars came off the tracks, one
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of them carrying sulfuric acid. no evacuations had to be made no injuries were reported. the case of oscar pistorius has taken another shocking twist. arguments have come to a close for the day. meshaal kosinski was one of only a handful of reporters allowed in the courtroom. she has late breaking details as to cover the world. >> this was an out right battle between two very good attorneys. first, the defense ripped apart the prosecution's case -- how police handle the evidence, and direct statements made, and the fact that the chief police investigator faces charges of attempted murder for shooting that happened while he was on the job. then it was the prosecution's turn to blow holes in the account of what happened that night. they said that even if you believe the account, this is the preplanned plan of a murderer.
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prosecutors say that hearted begun to to a different location? also, he claimed that night that he heard a noise and it was dark and he thought reeva steenkamp was in bed. prosecutors said he would have had to walk by her three times, and hearing a burglar, you don't even look to see if she is in the bed next to you? you want to protect her but you don't see if she is there or say something to her? they say that the statement is totally improbable and that he is prone to violence. prosecutors went so far as to say that he is bound to be convicted of murder and at the very least, they call this a culpable homicide. hopefully tomorrow we will learn the purpose of the whole hearing, whether or not pistorius will be released on bond. back to you. >> very interesting developments and there could still ahead, dr. kim hammond from falls road animal hospital is here to answer your pet questions. if you have a question, e-mail
12:07 pm, or visit our site, >> we are one day closer to a big budget deadline in washington. i am hallie jackson with more on what automatic spending cuts could mean for you and people you know.
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>> washington has just eight days to avoid huge spending cuts. officials are trying to take steps to avoid the worst-case scenario. hallie jackson has more on what impact the cuts will have beyond the beltway. >> is looking to become the new f-word, furlough. >> 800,000 civilians working for the defense department may be cursing the news out of the pentagon. they will be forced to take one day off each week of massing spending cuts take place on march 1. >> i will pay the mortgage and utilities, and then you live on what is left. >> the furloughs would begin in mid-april and last more than five months. the pentagon would need to find billions more in savings if no deal is reached. >> this is felt in big and small towns alike, and it won't be just limited to communities with
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active duty basis. >> it is not just those working for the military who would be affected. unemployed would seek 10% of unemployment benefits evaporate. president obama talked about the sequester's impact in an interview with our sister station. >> we do not need these automatic,-spending cuts that could hurt our economy and military readiness. >> house speaker john boehner asked of the president, what is he doing to stop the sequester that would hollow out our armed forces? as politicians squabble over who should give what in negotiations, defense secretary leon panetta is overseas talking with nato about how the budget cuts could impact allies internationally. >> companies in maryland are plenty concerned that cuts and furloughs in the pentagon may hurt their bottom lines. the howard county chamber of commerce has launched a new
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venture to build relationships between the defense department of local contractors. sequestration is putting future government projects up in the air. >> 2/3 of our volume comes from the intelligence community. it is a huge impact. we're looking for some certainty. >> most of the companies we spoke to said they don't expect immediate personnel changes, because most projects are already paid for. the future is their main concern. still ahead, i will chat with jilliam michaels. she has a new book out that could keep you slim permanently. baltimore is under consideration as the site of the future as the site of the future olympic games.
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>> the summer games in london show the world what hosting the olympics means to city. now baltimore could do the same. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake said that it is too early to think about it, but some state officials say that it might be in the city's long-term interests to make a run at the games. >> 32 four years leading in, and did three to 30 years after that and how you take advantage -- there is a good shot at baltimore could be a contender in such a bid for the 2024 olympics. >> the baltimore region has what the committee requires as far as hotel rooms, work space for the
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media, and public transportation. someone who knows all about athletics and staying in incredible shape is jillion michaels. you have seen her on "the biggest loser" and fitness tapes in your living room. she has a new book, and jil lian joins me now to talk all about. >> thank you for having me. >> you have to be the busiest woman in the biz, hands down. >> i'm definitely spread a little bit. >> you have a new book coming out, "slim for life." it is tough to attain. how'd you do that? >> one of the biggest problems people have is keeping it off, and that is because of how they
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lost the weight. there is so much conflicting information, and what i tried to do is blow out the phony diets and give the common sense information for weight loss and show you what it looks like in your life. i make it simple and affordable and accessible to the idea with every diet -- i deal with every dieting bill, so that there is a solution for everything he might come against. >> you are such a great motivator for others. what sorts of goals does jilliam michaels said for herself? >> gosh, honestly, i want to be a better mom. i tried to improve myself as a person. i feel like my kids are making me grow up, not the other way around. every day i want to be better,
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better for them, a better woman, a better person. i cannot tell you exactly what that means, but i work on myself every day. >> you are setting a great example. before i let you go, our producer might be one of your biggest fans. she loves you. could you give her a shot out? >> hey, mallory, how are you? >> perfect pitch you heard you loud and clear thanks for being with us. the book is available now in stores and online. >> now your insta-weather-plus forecast with john collins. >> nice day, a little bit breezy. winds are gusting into the 30's. on radar, a few snow showers, and some cloudiness northwest of us. some of this lake effect-type snow, and what is grabbing everybody's attention with a bang-wise is this storm out of
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the plains states. it consists of action wh-- of snow in parts of nebraska and kansas. southern missouri, it is ice, and then it becomes a rain into louisiana. there is going to be a lot of the snow, possibly as much as a foot, as the storm moves towards the great lakes. i will talk more about this in a minute. let's look at what is going on right now. temperatures have jumped into the 30's, just above freezing in annapolis. still below freezing in parkton and westminster, and frederick, 34 degrees right now. when you factor in the winds, it feels like the 20's right now. because of the wind, it feels like six in oakland. here you see clouds, a few scattered clouds in the northeast corner of the state.
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here are the lake effect snows. generating some of the snow shower activity in parts of pennsylvania and ohio, and new york state as well. pcr storm, and again, lizard- like conditions as it intensifies. just beginning to push into iowa and illinois now. icy conditions and rain. this storm is going to move into the great lakes and push that activity in that direction in general. the warmer part of the storm will sweep in our direction in the next 36 to 48 hours. a little below average for the season. west northwest winds averaging 10 to 15.
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small craft advisories out on the day. gusts of up to 25 knots, and a three-foot chop is expected on the day. here is that storm. you see the push, and it kind of does a split. kind of a borderline rain-snow, and then the rain part comes in our direction as we approach the weekend. it makes slow progress. coldest of the air stays in canada. relatively mild as far as winter or subfreezing conditions are concerned. 41 on saturday, and on sunday, rain-snow chance develops late friday and saturday. >> dr. kim hammond from falls road animal hospital is here to answer your pet questions, with
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a really cute pup. >> calls once out, and positive and fantastic. -- 12 months old, and inquisitive and fantastic rate he is a little lover. >> we have several questions for you. the first question is, our they male-female. second, is one fluffy? they might be snuggling because they are trying to get warm. this is what i would do. with the internet now, you can take pictures and video and send them to your veterinarian.
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how cool is that? just keep it short, 30 seconds. first off, we can train this out of a dog. it takes time and patience, but it can be trained out and probably be done without medicine. i would recommend calling the dog trainer and letting him help you train this out. the behavior is simple, happens in a million dogs, and it is a mess, but there is a way to train it. >> up next, your maryland lottery numbers and another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast.
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>> and now your maryland lottery numbers. >> i am sarah fleischer from 98 rock with your pick 3 numbers.
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we will get to pick four in just a moment. you could wind up to $10,000 instantly or $100 during the daily drawings. visit your favorite retailer and play today. let's play pick four with bob diamond. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> john? states.torm in thplains picture of rain and snow played in the day friday into saturday. middle of next week, we get something. >> thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon.
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